Hello, I'm Nigel Kirkpatrick MD FRCOphth

A Consultant Ophthalmologist Based In Cheltenham, Gloucestershire

Welcome to my website. Please feel free to browse through any of the pages to find out about my practice and ophthalmic surgery in general. I have been a consultant eye surgeon since 1997 and I believe I have built up a practice that is highly respected by peers and recommended by patients throughout this time. I welcome your feedback and I am always keen to innovate and to improve the care I offer my patients.

I am based in Gloucestershire where I am a Consultant Eye Surgeon with 25 years of experience. I am available for private consultations at Newmedica – an independent provider of NHS and private eyecare.

make an appointment

make an appointment

Please contact Newmedica to arrange appointments contact us.

common eye complaints

common eye complaints

I offer consultations for lid, lacrimal, glaucoma, paediatric and eye movement disorders. For some cases I may refer to colleagues if highly specialised surgery is required.

surgery and treatments

more about me

I studied Medicine at Bristol University and was always intent on a surgical career. I am grateful to my close friend and colleague, Masoud Teimory, who convinced me to take up ophthalmology...