about me

photograph of Nigel Kitkpatrick in scrubs


I was brought up in a medical family in Northern Ireland and attended Campbell College in Belfast. I studied Medicine at Bristol University and was always intent on a surgical career. I am grateful to my close friend and colleague, Masoud Teimory, who convinced me to take up ophthalmology. Junior posts were completed at Bristol University, St Thomas Hospital Royal Eye Unit and Bristol Eye Hospital. I spent a period of 5 years as a registrar in Aberdeen with Professor John Forrester with a fellowship year in 1995 in Royal Perth Hospital Western Australia working with Dr Ian McAllister.

I have been a consultant in Gloucestershire since 1997 and have steadily built up my cataract and retinal surgery practice since that time. In more recent years have been closely involved in developing efficient and award winning services for the NHS via Newmedica.

If you would like to make an appointment to see me please contact me at Newmedica Gloucester.


  • Biochemistry and Anatomy Distinction at Bristol University Medical School
  • BSc Pharmacology Bristol (2:1) 1983
  • MB ChB Bristol 1986
  • FRCOphth (Royal College of Ophthalmologists) 2001
  • MD University of Aberdeen 1997

professional achievements

  • Introduction of Vitreo-Retinal Surgery to Gloucestershire 1997
  • Organiser and co-chair of British and Eire Association of Vitreo-Retinal surgeons (BEAVRS) meeting Cheltenham Racecourse 2005
  • Founder Member of West of England Association of Vitreo-Retinal surgeons (WEAVRS) 2003
  • Clinical Director New Medical Systems Ltd (Newmedica)
  • Clinical Excellence Award from NHS (level 4)


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