surgery & treatments

General Ophthalmology – I have a wide range of experience of all aspects of ophthalmology and was in practice before current increasing sub-specialisation limited the breadth of clinical experience. I offer consultations for a full range of general ophthalmology. For some cases I may refer to colleagues if highly specialised surgery is required.

cataract surgery

I have extensive experience in Cataract Surgery and have carried out approximately 15,000 procedures in my career. I am up to date with the latest technology in this area and I continue to operate using modern ultrasound techniques (known as "phaco" surgery). I am experienced in the use of cataract surgery to correct spectacle error including astigmatism. My practice is continually audited and I am confident that my performance in this area is among the leading surgeons in the UK.

I have a complication rate that is well below the national average despite a practice that includes many non-standard cases that may require a combined anterior and retinal surgery approach. In my practice, I have had broad experience of treating patients with complications arising from cataract surgery including lens malposition, lens dislocation and lens implant exchange. The use of retinal surgery skills in this area is paramount and colleagues will often refer cases to me if this is required.

Cataract Surgery Audit Years 2012 – 2017
Posterior Capsule Rupture (NHS) = 0.3%
Private = 0.1%
National Consultant Average = 1.1%

Retinal Surgery

I have over 20 years of experience of retinal disorders requiring surgery. I no longer carry out elective vitrectomy procedures and I work closely with my VR colleagues to provide this service. With my many years of experience I am often happy to provide opinions on the suitability of certain cases for VR surgery.

Medical Retina Disorders

I have experience of intra vitreal injection treatments for retinal disorders including Age Related Macular Degeneration, Diabetic Maculopathy, Retinal Vein Occlusion and Uveitis.